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mardi 20 mars 2007

Lynch does Paris

Cult film director David Lynch is exposing himself in a different way this time-- his paintings, sculptures, and photos are on display at the Fondation Cartier until June 3rd with an exhibit entitled "The Air is on Fire." Can't make it to the expo? Check out the Fondation Cartier's great online presenation of the show.

Lalique at the Musee du Luxembourg

Over 400 works by jeweler Rene Lalique are on display right now at the Musee du Luxembourg, showcasing a wide range of art nouveau pieces made between 1890-1912 by this master. Using tradional materials such as gold, diamonds, etc., alongside ivory, opal, and glass, Lalique worked with themes of nature and the female form. A true master of his craft, the house of Lalique is still strong today, using crystal as its main material.

vendredi 14 juillet 2006

Paris Plage: July 20-Aug 20

Get your maillot de bain ready for the fifth edition of Paris Plage. This hugely successful city beach with sand beaches, cafes, palm trees, and even a floating pool, occupies a two-mile stretch on the banks of the Seine. So for those of us who are stuck in Paris this August, Paris Plage will be a cool retreat from the heat.

Bastille Day

Celebrate the storming of the Bastille and the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789 with the giant fete that will take place all over France. The military parade down the Champs Elysees is a good way to start the celebrations, finished with a magnificient fireworks display after dark. Check out the Mairie de Paris' website for all the details.

Paris Summer Dance Festival

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater will pefform during the second annual festival at the Hotel de Rohen's outdoor stage. A different program will be presented each week at this lovely hotel particulier in the Marais. See the website for more info. or call

vendredi 9 juin 2006

Blog de la Semaine: Les Culinos-Tests

This week we welcome Caroline, chef and blogger behind Les Culinos-Tests, as our Blog de la Semaine:

Who are you?
I'm Caroline, a woman with a "fiancé" and our child (a girl, 11 years old). I work at home. I don't like my work because it is very dull (I manage universitary books for a big publishing firm), so when I'm fed up with my work, I try to get some pleasure by cooking new things : for instance, a "croque-madame" (toasted cheese and ham sandwich topped with fried egg), with... 16 small quail eggs instead of only one hen egg. Why 16 quail eggs ? Well, to get more pleasure : one mouthful = one yolk explosion inside my mouth. Aaaah, so great ! ;-)
What is your favorite thing to do in Paris?
There are so many things to do in Paris ! If not coming back from one bank of the Seine to the other after a loving night (please try to do it one day ! Cross Alexander III Bridge about 6 AM o'clock, with a blue cloudless sky and a rising sun, the head and the heart full of love, and tell me if Paris is not the most beautiful city in the world... ;-)), so, I was telling you, if not coming back... you can go to walk at the Montparnasse cemetery. No no no, it's not bluesy at all ! It's so quiet, with flowers and nice tombs (you can even see the tombs of famous people : Jean-Paul Sartre et Simone de Beauvoir, who didn't ever live together in the same apartment but are now spending their time together in the same tomb, or also Jacques Demy, the producer : it's the most nice and pretty tomb of all the cemetery, a small green and poetic place right in the middle of the town).
Or you can just sit down during hours in the Luxembourg Garden, or outside the cafés.
When did you start your blog?
2004, in November.
Where do you blog from?
14th arrondisement (near Montparnasse-Raspail square)
Why blog?
Blogging is a great way to be really and personnally creative without being lonesome : you can publish page after page (you don't have to wait until you have finished writing a entire book), and instantaneously you can get reactions, so you can enter into discussion, receive encouragement (or criticism ;-)), laugh and joke with people, and so on. You're not lonesome as any author can be. You're creative like any other author, but you're all day long connected with people. It's very nice to me.
How many other blogs do you read? Which ones?
I prefer surfing : so in fact, each week, I read hundreds of various blogs, it depends of Google answers to my questions ! Sometimes I read culinary blogs, but usually I read political or personal blogs.
Anything else we should know about your blog?
Yes ! My blog is absolutely advertising-free, entirely free, and it always will be. However, I am preparing professional redeployment in connection with my blog : I will leave my job in next December and will soon prepare a culinary book with most of texts and photos from my blog. So, next year, my life will surely be better than now, thanks to my blog. After that, we'll see !...

vendredi 2 juin 2006

vide grenier en fete-- 11 June

Haven't been to a vide grenier yet? If your motto is "one person's trash is another person's treasure," come check out this vide grenier in the 11th-- tons of junk, some treasure, and isn't it just fun to see what people pull out of the cave?
Vide Grenier en Fete
rue Saint Bernard, 11th
Sunday, June 11 from 10am-6pm

midnight munchies

Ok, so it's 2am and you are starving, and everything in your quartier closes up by midnight. Give Nemo a ring-- they deliver chic consumables from 10pm to 6am, everything from sandwichs to dessert. You can even order the bubbliest of nightcaps, champagne, to impress the new copain who walked you home....

Saint Sulplice Antique Fair

Enjoy treasure hunting? Check out the brocante infront of the lovely Saint Sulplice in St. Germain (6th arrondisement), starting June 1 until June 12 (11am to 7pm), and browse until your heart's content. While you are there, pop into the Eglise St. Sulplice to see if you can unlock the secrets of the Da Vinci Code.

mercredi 31 mai 2006

Blog de la Semaine: La Maitresse

Paname Ensemble welcomes Lauren Elkin, blogger behind La Maitresse, our Blog de la Semaine.

Who are you?
A native New Yorker who somehow ended up in Paris.

What is your favorite thing to do in Paris?
Walking everywhere; picnics on the Pont des Arts; sitting in churches; browsing in bookstores; spending hours in cafes in Montparnasse or Montmartre, depending on my mood; ending a long day of shopping with a drink on the roof deck at Printemps.

When did you start your blog?
In May 2004, a few months before I moved to Paris.

Where do you blog from?
For now, the 9th, but I have to move at the end of June (and I'm looking for an apartment-- if anyone hears of a cute studio or 2 pièces, do let me know!)

Why blog?
Because it creates a collective experience that is unmatched through any other form of media.

How many other blogs do you read? Which ones?
So many blogs, so little time... I do love The Paris Blog because it rounds up the best of the best, thereby saving me valuable surfing time, and so many of the bloggers are good friends of mine. Then, my friend and colleague from graduate school has a brilliant blog, called Is There No Sin In It. When I have free time I read Go Fug Yourself, which is awesome.

Anything else we should know about your blog?
Much like bloggers themselves, it's a work in progress! for example: I keep meaning to jazz up the template but never get around to it. One of these days...

mardi 23 mai 2006

Blog de la Semaine: ParisDailyPhoto

Paname Ensemble welcomes Eric, blogger behind ParisDailyPhoto, our Blog de la Semaine.

Who are you?
I am Eric, I am 46, I am a journalist and I live in Paris. I have always lived in Paris and I love it. The only cities I would trade for Paris are Barcelona and New York.

What is your favorite thing to do in Paris?
I love walking down the enbankment in the summer time with a Berthillon ice cream in my hand!

When did you start your blog?
I started in 2005 o March 11 after I received a digital camera for my birthday (January 21 BTW...)

Where do you blog from?
I live in the 9th (Passage Verdeau) so I blog from the 9th but I post photos from all arrondissements.

Why blog?
At first to share my love for Paris with as many people in the world and now also because I have loyal visitors that I enjoy reading the comments of.

How many other blogs do you read? Which ones?
I visit a lot of city daily photo blogs from all around the world of course (there are almost 80 to date now) and I also read the usual French "blogeoisie" : Loïc Le Meur, Bonjour America by Vinvin, Christophe Ginisty, 09:09. Also Rue Rude that I recently discovered.

Anything else we should know about your blog?
I don't think so. Thank you very much for you interest.

jeudi 18 mai 2006

Journee des Plantes de Courson

May 19-21

Lire la suite

Les Puces du Design

May 19-21

Lire la suite

mercredi 17 mai 2006

Blog de la Semaine: La Coquette

Paname Ensemble welcomes La Coquette, our first Blog de la Semaine. A few q & a's with Blogger Elisabeth Fourmont...

Who are you? A Franco-American (raised in America) living in Paris.

What is your favorite thing to do in Paris? There are so many. My newest favorite thing is to see a good nouvelle vague film at Cinéma Le Champo on rue des Ecoles. I also like walking along the Seine at sunset and eating macarons and steak tartare (not together, don't worry).

When did you start your blog? I began in earnest in October of 2004, when I quit working at a fashion magazine here.
Where do you blog from? The 5th.

Why blog? Creating a narrative for my humiliations is therapeutic. And there is no shortage of humiliation when you are a foreigner. Also, I blog to get hot dates. That approach is a little less efficient.

How many other blogs do you read? Which ones? I read dozens of blogs daily. My favorites are listed on my sidebar, but my ultimate favorite is written by a recovering Mormon living in Utah. She blogs at I also really like a blog called Imaginary Socialite,, which reminds me what life could be like if I were a magazine editor/ hipster in New York. (Parties, sample sales, photo shoots.) I'm happy with my quiet life in Paris, but her blog is a fun escape.

Anything else we should know about your blog?I am really a man.

mardi 9 mai 2006

Springtime at the l'Orangerie

Enfin! After 6 years of construction, the Musee de l'Orangerie, the long, elegant building at the end of the Tuilleries near Concorde, has finished its construction and is set to open its doors to the public on May 17. The entryway showcases one of the most beautiful works by Monet (les Nympheas), and the museum houses other great works by Picasso, Cezanne, Modigliani, and more, alongside a conference room, temporary expos, and classrooms. Will this become another tourist fave? A voir....