Successful Real Estate Agents: Build a Social Network

Why Do Real Estate Agents and Investors Expand Their Social Networks?

Real estate agents expand their social networks for two simple reasons. The first reason is that they want to expand their list of contacts and potential clients. Basically, the more people they know, the more real estate buyers and sellers they have access to.

Additionally, every person you know (or who knows you) is a potential contact. For example, they can tell you about people who are planning to sell their properties before they actually put up the “For Sale” sign on their lawn.

They can also point you to people who are looking for new homes or investments. And if you are looking for a lot of properties on short notice, they may be able to point you to a place that’s ideal for your needs.

A good rule to follow: At least meet 5 new people every day. And don’t sleep until you achieve this goal.

The second reason why real estate agents and investors know so many people is because they rely on them for help. For example, they may call on a friendly contractor if they need to repair a slightly damaged house.

They may also contact a friend who works for an insurance company if they need help figuring out a buyer’s existing mortgage problems. And if they need help processing paperwork, they may call on someone who works at city hall.

Throughout my time in the Miami real estate sector, I can say without a doubt that my social network has helped me find a lot of great deals and investments, both directly and indirectly.

Although I can’t say that maintaining so many contacts has ever been easy, it was nevertheless quite rewarding.

How Do You Expand Your Social Network?

Expanding your social network will require good old fashion socializing. You will need to go out and meet people at conferences; at special functions; at events; and at every opportunity that’s open to you. It doesn’t matter where or how. You should always be chatting up people and making friends.

Meet people at events, parties, company meetings, everywhere. And don’t forget you’re a real estate agent, you’re the best for him and there’s none like you.

Now, some people are much better at this than others but you should still try. You should still keep a large stack of calling cards and hand them out to people. You should still maintain a strong social media presence. You should still put out your contact info and address whenever you get the chance.

You should also speak to people who are interested in you. Being a real estate agent can bring a lot of name recognition, and you should embrace that popularity whenever you get the chance.

So don’t shy away from people who come up to you or who offer unsolicited offers. They may not seem lucrative but what you need to remember is that every contact in your social network counts for something, and you should embrace that.

Finally, you should imitate real estate experts who know a lot of people. These agents usually behave in a certain way, and they have a very unique game face that let’s them get ahead of the competition.

So if you’re the introverted type, don’t be afraid to imitate them. All of these things add up to a robust social network that can enhance your real estate career.